[97 JGES Hands-on Seminar
*Pre-registration only]
*English available

Outline of the 97JGES Hands-on Seminar

*Pre-registration of Hands-on Seminar has been closed.
For courses with available seats, You will be able to register on the day.
Please ask General Reception for further information.

We will hold the 97JGES Hands-on Seminar as follow.
We look forward to the active participation of those who aim to improve endoscopic technology.
In particular, the Japan Gastroenterology Endoscopy Society welcome the participation of female doctors and young doctors from overseas.
Pre-registration is required for participation of Hands-on Seminar (3,000JPY, credit card payment only). (※ General meeting registration fee is required separately.)
We accept 32 people per session on a first-come, first-served basis. (There is no waiting for cancellation and no study by observation.)
Please note that the device(s) to be used on the day will be designated as a co-sponsored company.

Registration will start on Friday, April 12. Cancellation after application for any reason can not be accepted.
We use the event system of "Peatix" for the registration of the 97JGES Hands-on Seminar.

In addition, a simple questionnaire will be scheduled after pre-registration.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Fri. May 31-Sun. June 2,
Room13 "Tempyo", 3F, Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa

Fri. May 31-Sat. June 1, Olympus Corporation
Sun. June 2, FUJIFILM Medical Co., Ltd.

No. HOS1-AM1

9:30-11:00, Fri. May 31, Colon insertion 1
Coordinator: Naoyuki Uragami, Showa University Koto Toyosu Hospital
Nozomu Kobayashi, Tochigi Cancer Center
Yuichiro Kuroki, Showa University Fujigaoka Hospital
Toyoki Kudo, Showa University Northern Yokohama Hospital
Taku Harada, Teine Keijinkai Hospital
Hiro-o Matsushita, Akita Red Cross Hospital
Koichiro Kawaguchi, Tottori University
Teruhito Kishihara, Kishihara Hospital
Masahiro Wada, Maki Hospital
Co-sponsored: Olympus Corporation

No. HOS1-PM1

13:00-14:30, Fri. May 31, Colon insertion 2
Coordinator: Takahiro Fujii, Takahiro Fujii Clinic
Ikurou Koba, Yamnaga Chuo Hospital
Takahisa Matsuda, National Cancer Center Hospital
Masayoshi Yamada, National Cancer Center Hospital
Kinichi Hotta, Shizuoka Cancer Center
Kazuo Konishi, Konishi Clinic
Toshio Uraoka, Gunma University
Akihiko Ohta, Ohta Clinic
Akiko Chino, Cancer Institute Hospital, Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research
Co-sponsored: Olympus Corporation

No. HOS1-PM2

15:30-17:00, Fri. May 31, ESD 1:Upper digestive tract
Coordinator: Naohisa Yahagi, Keio University
Tadateru Maehata, Keio University
Motohiko Kato, Keio University
Satoshi Maeda, Sapporo Kosei General Hospital
Naomi Kakushima, Shizuoka Cancer Center
Akiko Takahashi, Saku Central Hospital, Saku Central Hospital Advanced Care Center
Yuki Maeda, Sendai Kousei Hospital
Hiroya Ueyama, Juntendo University
Yasushi Yamasaki, Okayama University
Co-sponsored: Olympus Corporation

No. HOS2-AM1

9:30-11:00, Sat. June 1, ERCP・EUS
Coordinator: Shomei Ryozawa, Saitama Medical University International Medical Center
Yoshinohu Okabe, Kurume University
Masafumi Mizuide, Saitama Medical University International Medical Center
Yousuke Nakai, The University of Tokyo Hospital
Eisuke Iwasaki, Keio University
Takuji Iwashita, Gifu University Hospital
Takayoshi Tsuchiya, Tokyo Medical University
Hironari Kato, Okayama University
Kazunari Nakahara, St. Marianna University School of Medicine
Co-sponsored: Olympus Corporation

No. HOS2-PM1

13:00-14:30, Sat. June 1, ESD 2:colon
Coordinator: Ken Ohata, NTT Medical Center Tokyo
Tomohiko Ohya, The Jikei University Hospital
Yosuke Tsuji, The University of Tokyo Hospital
Hideyuki Chiba, Omori Red Cross Hospital
Akiko Ohno, Kyorin University
Kouichi Nonaka, Saitama Medical University International Medical Center
Takashi Muramoto, NTT Medical Center Tokyo
Eiji Sakai, NTT Medical Center Tokyo
Youhei Minato, NTT Medical Center Tokyo
Co-sponsored: Olympus Corporation

No. HOS2-PM2

15:30-17:00, Sat. June 1, Colon insertion 3
Coordinator: Takeshi Terai, Terai Clinic
Naoto Sakamoto, Juntendo University
Kenshi Matsumoto, Juntendo University
Takashi Murakami, Juntendo University
Hirohumi Fukushima, Juntendo University
Yasushi Imai, Imai Clinic
Satoshi Abe, Muto Clinic
Kazuko Beppu, Beppu Clinic
Hideaki Ritsuno, Ritsuno Endoscopy Clinic
Co-sponsored: Olympus Corporation

No. HOS3-AM1

9:30-11:00, Sun. June 2, ESD3
Coordinator: Takashi Toyonaga, Kobe University Hospital
Noriya Uedo, Osaka International Cancer Institute
Eiji Umegaki, Kawasaki Medical School Hospital
Tomoki Michida, Saitama Medical Center
Hirohisa Machida, Machida Gastroenterical Hospital
Yoshinori Morita, Kobe University International Clinical Cancer Research Center
Yasuhiro Onozato, Shirakawa Clinic
Yoji Takeuchi, Osaka International Cancer Institute
Kengo Takimoto, National Hospital Organization Kyoto Medical Center
Co-sponsored:FUJIFILM Medical Co., Ltd.

No. HOS3-PM1

13:00-14:30, Sun. June 2, ESD4
Coordinator: Hironori Yamamoto, Jichi Medical University
Keijiro Sunada, Jichi Medical University
Yoshikazu Hayashi, Jichi Medical University
Yoshimasa Miura, Jichi Medical University
Hisashi Fukuda, Jichi Medical University
Takahito Takezawa, Ibaraki Western Medical Center
Yuji Ino, Tochigi Medical Center Shimotsuga
Fumisato Sasaki, Kagoshima University Hospital
Yuichiro Nasu, Kagoshima University Hospital
Co-sponsored:FUJIFILM Medical Co., Ltd.